APSCU: Private Sector Institutions Fill Critical Job Gaps in Cyber Security and IT

18 Aug 2015 /By APSCU Communications 
With recent headlines on high-profile security breaches at the highest levels of government and business, it is not surprising that demand for trained cyber security professionals is growing. As a result, employers are struggling to find qualified people to fill vacant information technology and security positions. Private sector institutions are responding to this demand, as they play an outsize role in educating America’s IT and cyber security professionals and providing employers with job-ready employees.

As has been stated before, private sector institutions prepare students for jobs in a range of high-demand fields, thus strengthening the education of the 21st century American workforce. Additionally, when it comes to high-demand professions, graduates see significant earnings gains. For information technology and cyber security, the contributions of the private sector are particularly significant.

Given their relative representation in higher education, private sector institutions graduate high numbers of students with job-ready credentials in computer science. Private sector institutions awarded approximately 16 percent of all higher education degrees/certificates completed in 2012-13, while 24 percent of students who received degrees/certificates in Computer and Information/Support Services attended private sector institutions.
Computer Services Degree Data
Private sector institutions’ disproportionate role in educating these students is especially important when considering a recent report from Burning Glass, which said, “Because cybersecurity jobs require years of training and relevant experience, skills gaps cannot easily be resolved though short-term solutions. Employers and training providers must work together to cultivate a talent pipeline for these critical roles.”

As businesses looks to meet their cyber and IT employment needs, private sector institutions are carrying more than their weight in preparing qualified industry professionals. After all, this is the nature of the private sector—responding to the needs of employers and students by providing valuable career-oriented educations that fill critical skills gaps.

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