Sun-Sentinel:Letters to the Editor: Checking school accreditation, licensing vital before enrolling


By Kathy Mizereck

We applaud the recent action of Attorney General Pam Bondi in filing suit against JLF University, accused of defrauding nursing students. The Sun Sentinel article failed to note that JLF is not licensed by the Florida Commission for Independent Education, the state regulatory body. In fact, commission staff referred JLF to the Attorney General's Office years ago.

This action mirrors our association's strong commitment to ethics and integrity among our sector. Florida career colleges enroll over 372,000 students and employ more than 85,000 staff in 900 licensed schools.

Our institutions graduate more than 100,000 job-ready students each year in fields as wide-ranging as information technology, cosmetology, health care and criminal justice. We support and encourage appropriate regulation of all educational sectors, and we urge prospective students to always validate the licensing and accreditation of schools they attend.

Kathy Mizereck, executive director, Florida Association of Postsecondary Schools and Colleges, Tallahassee

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