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Posted by Michael Dakduk

Because of the continuing controversy surrounding the conduct of for-profit institutions of higher education, Student Veterans of America would like to make the following positions clear. The Board of Directors has established that:

   1. In the strongest terms, Student Veterans of America condemns the practice of recruiting veterans and military Service members simply to receive their earned educational benefits.

   2. Student Veterans of America recognizes that there are for-profit institutions of higher education that provide excellent education to student veterans, and have not engaged in any deceptive practices.

   3. Student Veterans of America strongly supports changes to the Higher Education Opportunity Act to include VA GI Bill Benefits and military Tuition Assistance benefits as regular federal support to higher education and hence part of the 90 percent of the so called, “90/10 rule” thus removing a financial incentive to recruit veterans and military personnel.

   4. Currently, Student Veterans of America does not have a position on the enactment of “gainful employment” provisions on for-profit institutions without further research being conducted, especially in light of our struggling economy and already high unemployment rates. It is in the interest of every institution of higher learning to take an active role in the career development of their students.

   5. Student Veterans of America will continue to strongly support student veterans and SVA chapters at any type of educational institutions, including for-profits, provided they are treated fairly and were admitted based on their ability to perform in the classroom.

   6. Student Veterans of America will continue to support individual student veterans who have been or are being mistreated at any institution of higher education through mediation and advocacy.

   7. Student Veterans of America highly recommends that all institutes of higher learning examine their retention and drop out rates, especially among veterans and military Service members, and if they are outside national norms, make immediate changes to better support these important populations.

   8. Student Veterans of America respectfully requests that the Department of Education carefully examine accreditation bodies to ensure that the highest standards are met before an institution’s accreditation is granted or renewed.  Further, we ask that confusing or misleading terminologies such as “national accreditation” be publicly clarified or removed.

   9. Student Veterans of America respectfully requests that the Department of Education establish clear guidelines regarding the attainment of college credits, licenses and accreditations, to ensure maximum value, professional development, and transferability is obtained by any student attending any class at any accredited institution.

  10. Student Veterans of America respectfully requests that the Departments of Veterans Affairs and Defense immediately investigate any claim of impropriety made by a veteran or Service member at any school.

  11. Student Veterans of America will not accept donations or grants from for-profit educational institutions. However, for-profit educational institutions may participate in SVA sponsored or affiliated career fairs as employers. They will be charged the same registration fees as any other employer.

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