Ocala.com: Taylor College offers biz program

By Michael Sykes, Correspondent

BELLEVIEW — Taylor College has announced a new business program it hopes to offer in May.

The program will feature courses in business law, managerial accounting and macro and micro economics, said Taylor College community liaison April Shepard. Taylor is offering the program to answer the demand for business-educated individuals in the workplace.

“We have designed these programs with the employer in mind,” Taylor College President Diana Hammond said in a news release. “When employers hire our graduates, they will gain an employee with not only critical thinking experiences, but a vast knowledge of emerging technology.”

The program will be offered over a five-semester period so students aren’t overwhelmed with a difficult courseload, and more than half of the courses will be offered online, Shepard said. Taylor is also incorporating 24 Apple iPads that will be available for students to use in the classrooms.

The program has been approved by the Florida Commission for Independent Education but is awaiting accreditation from the Council on Occupational Education. Students interested are encouraged to get a head start on the applications process, which is to be completed by April 13.

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