Los Angeles Times | Letters: Public servants at Corinthian Colleges

June 05, 2013

By:  Jack Massimino, chairman and chief executive of Corinthian Colleges Inc.

Michael Hiltzik asked why two of our country's most distinguished public servants — former U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and National Urban League Chairman and President Marc Morial — recently joined the board of directors of my company, Corinthian Colleges Inc.

The answer is clear: Every year, Corinthian schools graduate tens of thousands of low-income, nontraditional students, connecting them to good jobs at local businesses and major national corporations.

Panetta and Morial have seen what we do firsthand, by visiting our schools and talking with students and faculty. They know that Corinthian, like many business and educational organizations, has had its challenges. But they also know that we work hard to serve our students well. Their knowledge and experience will help us progress even further.

Regrettably, Hiltzik recycled a list of shopworn criticisms of our company and suggested, without any evidence, that there may be something untoward about our association with Panetta and Morial. This is baseless and offensive.

Instead of relying on tired political sound bites, Panetta and Morial have discovered the facts about Corinthian that our successful graduates have discovered as well.

Jack Massimino

Santa Ana

The writer is the chairman and chief executive of Corinthian Colleges Inc.

Direct link to letter: http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/letters/la-le-0605-wednesday-corinthian-colleges-20130605,0,7179924.story

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