The New York Time: For-Profit Colleges (Letter, Apollo Group Senior Vice President Mark Brenner)

March 09, 2014

To the Editor:

College, the Great Unleveler,” by Suzanne Mettler (Sunday Review, March 2), presents an elitist view of higher education. Ms. Mettler doesn’t acknowledge that a “one size fits all” higher education (traditional, expensive, campus-based) no longer fits the needs of most college students today.
The article’s premise would deny opportunities opened by for-profit institutions for “nontraditional students,” from hard-working veterans to high school grads who simply need flexible learning while working through school.

The for-profit sector needs expanding and improving, not shrinking. Traditional colleges have their place, and we have no intention of fighting the education culture war Ms. Mettler is declaring on us from the Ivy League. But a majority of America’s students deserve the opportunities and flexibility that elite institutions (inaccessible to most students) don’t provide.

Phoenix, March 4, 2014
The writer is senior vice president for corporate communications and external affairs at the Apollo Group, owner of the University of Phoenix.

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