News 13: Father Graduates College with 6 of his Family Members

It's a big milestone for anyone who walks across the stage during their college graduation, but for one family, big wasn't big enough.

Seven members of the same extended family graduated on the same night from Florida Technical College -- a first in FTC's history.

The family members say they never planned it, and initially didn't even know they were going to school at the same time.

"One day I was walking around school and all of sudden I see my aunt," said Jeannette.
Jeannette's dad, mom, sister, a second aunt and her cousin were also attending school.
They say being together actually helped them perform better in school.

"It was like a friendly competition, who did it better. You know, the grades," said Sonia Perez.
But the journey wasn't always easy. Still, the message this family wants to get across is that all it takes, is a little dedication, and hard work; but most importantly the support of each other.

From culinary arts, to cosmetology, to medical assistants; all seven members of the family proudly displayed their accomplishments showing anything is possible.

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