APSCU Blog: Higher Education For All - Private Sector Institutions Are Equipped To Meet The Needs Of New Traditional Students

April 14, 2015

By APSCU Communications

Private sector institutions play a critical role in providing opportunities for new traditional students who have been largely overlooked and underserved by traditional institutions of higher education. New traditional students are more likely to rely on federal financial aid, be older than the average student, work while pursuing their credential, support a family, and/or be financially independent. By enrolling, educating, and graduating these students, private sector institutions offer individuals the opportunity to further their education and acquire in-demand career skills. Many of these individuals would likely not be able to have these opportunities without private sector institutions.

The result is a population of previously underserved individuals who are earning credentials in fields with high returns and increasing their lifetime earnings.

As explained in the infographic below, private sector institutions are particularly well-equipped to provide students with flexible schedules and career-focused educations.

APSCU_infographics_v6 Infographic 1

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