APSCU: Private Sector Institutions Set Up Their Students For Success

04 May 2015 /By APSCU Communications 
Experts agree: individuals who decide to further their educations by attending postsecondary institutions are making worthwhile investments that pay off in the long-run. Research shows that individuals who obtain a bachelor’s degree experience a lifetime earnings increase of roughly $1 million compared to individuals with a high school degree.

As has been previously explained on this blog, private sector institutions are no different when it comes to providing students who earn degrees with significant earnings boosts. Many of these students are new traditional students who have been traditionally underserved by public and private nonprofit higher education institutions. Private sector institutions have been more responsive in meeting the needs of these new traditional students, and, as a result, have prepared many individuals to become professionals in high-demand fields.

As seen in the infographic below, a number of metrics support the fact that private sector institutions are increasingly setting their students up for success. By doing so, private sector institutions are justifying the growing number of experts that extol the benefits of an investment in higher education.

APSCU_infographics_v6 Infographic 3

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